4 little bebes sleepin in a tree

4 little bebes sleepin in a tree




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I finished this D&D character for my friend Pedro. this was really fun to sketch and try new tones. I love how D&D players get really involved with their characters! Here is Pedro’s enthusiastic backstory and overview of his character:

Meet Pip a young adventuring artifice changeling with some rouge tendencies. He’s currently based in the city of Sharn in the south of Breland in the continent of Khorvaire. His past wandering took him into the Dragon Forest, inside the dungeons in the Blackcaps, sailing down the Dagger river in a luxurious steamboat, facing the most horrendous monsters and devious creatures all with the trusty company of Brutus, a warforged battle construct and most recently, Abbos, a human warlock.

Amongst his most prized possessions are Pip’s flame enhanced crossbow, his magical ice hammer, an eternal fire lantern, a portable hole - where he has a little magical servant and a personal lab, used to craft various magic items and analyze whatever the party finds in their adventures. And most important of all, his alternate identity - Alteid Pequeno-sonho. A young farmboy from the outskirts of Woodhelm who is slowly proving to be a brave hero in the making.

Although his external appearance is calm and composed, Pip is a rather greedy individual, rather selfish and not terribly courageous, he will step down at any time to let any other more heroic individual to take the lead of the charge but he will follow them closely behind, aiding wherever he can without putting his life in line.

Alteid, on the other hand, will always display a kind, friendly demeanor happy to help and listen to any reasonable request. He will not refuse rewards for his services but will not meddle in other people’s business for the sake of “the greater good”.


u so cute. calicos 4ever
thank u ヽ(。・`ω´・。)ノΨ calicos are the actual Best

i had a calico kitty from age 3-21  uωu   she was the light of my life.  we got another calico to replace her but she’s kind of crazy and tries to nurse on me all the time?  i don’t care i still love them alllll

when i was younger i rejected all “girly” colors and genuinely disliked pink and purple, but about 8 months ago something clicked in me and i’ve been swimming in pastels since then

i am not sorry

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ratty graphic i made for my new blog!! dedicated to ruffles~ come support us! plz do not use graphic anywhere else it is only for our blog.


ratty graphic i made for my new blog!! dedicated to ruffles~ come support us! plz do not use graphic anywhere else it is only for our blog.


While I’m posting Dark Souls fan art, I did this piece for a Polycount.com competition, last year. Had a lot of fun with it, though I had to compromise my design due to time slipping away.

Looking at it agian, my Dark Souls 2 character, Rabbit, pretty much has the same look as my Dark Souls 1 character, Mouse. What can I say, love that dingy set.

Here’s a link to the real time 3d model of the final product;


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A little behind the scenes look of the early stages of Green Lantern the Animated Series.

My eternal gratitude to everyone who helped prove the doubters wrong.

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A selection of Backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: Onion Trade

Art Direction: Elle Michalka

Design: Steven Sugar, Emily Walus

Paint: Jasmin Lai

i keep pausing the episodes just to stare at the backgrounds

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Sweet Valley High No.8 "Half a Pigeon"


Sweet Valley High No.8 "Half a Pigeon"


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